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The Election is Important! Vote NO one Prop 63

September 20th, 2016 | No Comments | Posted in Laws & Bills
PrintProp 63 is overwhelmingly opposed by the law enforcement community and civil rights groups. It will require anyone purchasing ammo in California to get a permit first! It also requires everyone to destroy every magazine in their possession larger than 10 rounds, whether or not they ever legally acquired it. No one will be able to purchase ammo except by a face-to-face transaction with a licensed ammo dealer, who then is required to report every sale of ammo to the state.

This is a horrible proposition, and Lt. Governor Gavin Newson and the Democrat  party have spend over $5 million to pass this ballot measure.

Make sure to VOTE NO on Proposition 63!

California Democrats Vote To Restrict Gun Rights

June 10th, 2016 | No Comments | Posted in Laws & Bills
HUESO_r900x493 imagesEduardo Garcia, our State Assemblyman, and Ben Hueso, our State Senator, both were rated as “F” by the California Firearms Policy Coalition. Did you vote for these Democrats in the last election? They hate the private ownership of firearms, and want to make it impossible for you to purchase or possess firearms in California. Assemblyman Garcia voted in favor of banning your possession of unassembled receivers, and banning rifles that have bullet buttons. Senator Ben Hueso voted in favor of new fees and taxes on ammo, to ban all magazines that ever were capable of more than 10 rounds, even if they were permanently altered, and creating a license system so you can’t buy ammo unless you have a “ammo buyer’s license” that requires all ammo purchases to be reported to the local police department, and more, even worse, gun laws.

New California CCW Ruling

November 19th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Laws & Bills
shutterstock_174430430You may have heard or read that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that in California, concealed firearms permits must be issued for any reasonable purpose, including “self defense’, without a specific threat or danger to the applicant for the permit. There is still one appeal possible by the sheriff of Yolo County, so no changes in procedures are anticipated till that appeal is accepted or denied. Our range is available for training in CCW procedures, so if you are considering this step, you should get ahead of the curve and see our staff about firearms training, and eventually purchasing a handgun. Handgun ownership requires vigilance & responsibility, and CCW requires  an even greater level of maturity and responsibility. If you are considering this step, call us at 353-4884 for training, and advice about which handgun may be right for you.

Calif. Game Wardens, Sheriffs, AFL-CIO Urge Governor to
Veto AB 711

October 10th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Laws & Bills

Fish&GameThe California Fish and Game Wardens’ Association last week wrote Gov. Jerry Brown urging him to veto Assembly Bill 711, legislation that banned the use of traditional ammunition for hunting statewide. The CFGWA board voted unanimously to take this action, joining other law enforcement colleagues and state labor leaders in the call to have Gov. Brown veto the bill. Read the letter. The governor signed the legislation anyway, ensuring that hunting in California will begin a steady decline.

Also last week, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones added his department’s opposition to the growing list of law enforcement agencies opposed to AB 711 with a letter sent to Gov. Brown, saying, “This bill, if signed, would enact an undue burden on the entire hunting community, which includes many members of law enforcement.”

Governor Brown and the Democrat members of the legislature hate guns, they hate gun ownership, and they answer to the HSUS (Humane Society of the U.S.). The HSUS is NOT a humane society, it is a far-left organizing group that spends most of its resources on lobbying against hunting, against animal husbandry (farming), and against anything that contributes to the free exercise of individual rights. AB 711 was written by the HSUS, and introduced to the legislature by some of the most left-wing liberal anti-firearms rights assemblymen. The reason to ban lead ammo for hunting was supposedly to protect condors that feed off carcasses of killed game from getting lead poisoning. There has not been a single peer-reviewed scientific study that confirmed any lead poisoning in condors due to lead ammunition. However, when Democrats smell an opportunity to restrict gun rights, science is secondary to the zeal to disarm the citizenry. The majority of the legislature is so concerned about the health of the condor they delayed the implementation of the bill for 2 years, so they can all term out and switch jobs before hunters are hit with the effect of this stupid law. If condor health is in such peril, why the delay? That’s just one aspect of this bill that points to the real reason it was passed – to harass & intimidate gun owners. The bill has nothing to do with condor health, and everything to do with eventually banning hunting and the private ownership of firearms all together.


Perez & Hueso Join Democrats to Ban Lead Ammo in California

September 17th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Laws & Bills

Ban Lead Ammo2Ban Lead Ammo

In legislation sure to lead to a severe decline in dove hunting, as well as all other types of hunting in California, our two state elected representatives, V. Manuel Perez & Ben Hueso, voted to ban the sale, possession, and use of lead ammunition for all hunting in California. Since steel ammo is considered armor-piercing by the federal government, and other exotic metal-based bullets are frightfully expensive, this will cause an eventual end to hunting in California. This is the intent of the new law, anyway. The lead ammo ban starts July 1, 2015. The reason for the delay in implementing the law is that the Democrats figure they’ll have moved on to other elected offices before you notice the effects of the law, and therefore be unable to do anything about it. These two elected representatives of our valley also voted in favor of every gun-contol measure they could this year, including banning mags that hold over 10 bullets, even if they were “grandfathered”, making all rifles with detachable magazines (even the Ruger 10-22) be registered as assault rifles, and many more. Although they talk a good line, these are two Democrats whose votes show these two legislators are very much against any ownership or use of firearms by law-abiding citizens. Please call the governor at 916-445-2841 to request he veto these bills. We did!

California Legislature Goes Wild, Restricting Citizens’ Gun Rights

June 1st, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Laws & Bills

We try to stay away from politics here, knowing that our members and customers have a variety of political views. This year’s state legislature, though, is enjoying an orgy of new laws, restricting and eliminating the firearm rights of Californians. Our Democrat legislators, Manuel Perez and Ben Hueso, lead the way in voting to take away your guns and your ammunition. With a Democrat super-majority in Sacramento, our elected representatives are making sure you end up this year with fewer and weaker gun rights than ever before. Some examples are AB 711, which will ban all lead ammunition in California for hunting any and all wildlife. This will eliminate dove hunting, since steel ammunition is listed as “armor-piercing” by the federal government, and hence is illegal to possess! V. Manuel Perez, our state assemblyman, voted in favor of this bill. This bill is a great way to “back-door” the ban of lead ammo in California. Another terrible bill is SB 47, which will ban all MSR (Modern Sporting Rifles, or AR-15 style rifles) rifles with a “Bullet Button” or any type of removable magazine! Another bill, SB 53, will require Californians to pay for an “Ammunition Purchaser’s Permit” every year, and the state to collect a record of every ammunition purchase made in the state. Even though this law would cost $28,000,000 to administer its first year, and have no effect on crime, every Democrat in the legislature who has voted on this bill has voted in favor of it!

If you want to keep your firearms, and want to be able to buy ammunition for these firearms, it is time to get involved, and let your legislators know how you feel about these, and even more, anti-gun laws up for vote in our state capitol.

Contact the office of V. Manuel Perez.

Contact the office of Ben Hueso.

2010 Elections – Be Sure To Vote

October 19th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Laws & Bills

voteIts just a few days till the Nov 2nd elections. The California Rifle & Pistol Association has identified pro- and anti- 2nd Amendment candidates.  Click Here to see all of CRPA’s endorsements. In our area, CRPA has identified that in the state senate race, Juan Vargas did not answer the CRPA’s questionnaire about his position on firearms. Brian Hendry answered the questionnaire and received an “A” rating from the CRPA.  Assembly incumbent V. Manuel Perez received a “C” rating, meaning that although he occasionally supports gun rights, his support is not consistent or predictable.