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30-State CCW Class Coming Up

April 12th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Events

mapWe have a unique class coming up Sunday April 28th, from noon till 4pm. Successful completion of this class will enable to attendee to apply for CCW permits in Florida, Utah, and Arizona. These three states offer a non-resident CCW permit to any legal resident of the USA. With these permits, you can legally carry in 32 different US states. Call the range to sign up – 353-4884, or for more information.

At the conclusion of the class, you’ll get a Course Completion Certificate that enables you to apply for the permits. Each state charges a separate fee, and some states require a photograph, fingerprints, and notarized application fee. These are all extra charges that you can use our on-site resources to complete, or you may take the blank forms and finish the application process on your own. You need to bring documentation of prior firearms experience such as a hunting license, DD214, NRA card, or other proof of firearms experience. If you do not have documentation of firearms experience, we will have range qualification after the classroom portion of the class, for an extra $25 fee.

Call the range to sign up – 353-4884. Fees range from $150 to $290, depending on how many states you need permits for. Discounts are available for Border Tactical Range Members!  Be sure to ask for your discount if you’re a member!


First Shots April 20th

April 12th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Events


Another great class coming up on Saturday April 20th. The First Shots class is sponsored by the NSSF, National Shooting Sports Foundation. With their cooperation, we are able to offer a handgun class just for first-time shooters, taught by instructors who remember what it was like to be a first-timer. For just $10, new shooters will get to use our firearms, our ammunition, all safety gear, targets, range time, and refreshments!

These classes fill up fast! The morning class begins at 9 a.m. and is just for kids over the age of 12, but each kid must bring a parent who will also go through the same class. The afternoon class, beginning at 2pm, is for adults age 18 and over.

The biggest challenge for new shooters is getting started. First Shots makes getting started in shooting very easy — and, best of all, it’s only $10. At our First Shots seminar, you’ll receive an educational introduction to the safe and recreational use of firearms, a clear understanding of the local requirements for owning and purchasing a firearm, and a chance to give shooting a try!

The two-hour program includes an hour of classroom instruction, and time on the shooting range with a certified instructor close by. Cost is only $10 (kids free when accompanied by a paying parent), and covers all expenses, including use of the handgun, ammunition, instructional material, eye & ear protection, range time, and refreshments.

Our instructors are patient and kind, they remember how it was the first time they fired a firearm. After the class, the new shooter will know the safety aspects of shooting, how to sight a gun on the target, how to safely load, unload, and reload a firearm, and how to safely conduct themselves on the range.

Reservations are required, call the range at 353-4884 to reserve a spot. Class sizes are limited to ensure safety and good student-instructor ratios. These classes always fill  up early, so call ahead to register and save your spot.

Ammunition Supplies Improving, New Laws Getting Worse

April 12th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Ammo & Firearms

cscmOur ammunition supplies are getting better, lately we have had 9mm & .223 available for sale almost every day. .22 is still tight, but .40 & .38 are available daily. One reason for the shortage is the crazy new laws being proposed in Sacramento. There are 3 real bad bills right now, and you need to call your Assemblyman, Manuel Perez at 336-8912 and let him know you vote, and you oppose these bills. Our new state senator, Ben Hueso, is also reliably anti-gun, and needs to hear from you as well xxx-xxxx. Here are the bills: AB-48 will outlaw the private transfer of ammunition (if you hand your pal at the range a box of bullets, and you are not a “licensed dealer”, you instantly become a criminal), AB-169 will outlaw the sale or transfer of all firearms not on the state’s “approved” list (many older firearms, although safe, are not on this list), and AB-500 will extend the current 10-day waiting period to buy a firearm to 17 days(!) and increase the requirements for locking & storing your personal firearm at your home.

There are a half-dozen other anti-second amendment  bills pending in the state legislature, but the above are the worst 3. Please call your representative and let them know your feelings on these bills!

FirstShots – A program of the National Shooting Sports Foundation

April 12th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Videos