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Ammunition Supplies Improving, New Laws Getting Worse

April 12th, 2013 Posted in Ammo & Firearms

cscmOur ammunition supplies are getting better, lately we have had 9mm & .223 available for sale almost every day. .22 is still tight, but .40 & .38 are available daily. One reason for the shortage is the crazy new laws being proposed in Sacramento. There are 3 real bad bills right now, and you need to call your Assemblyman, Manuel Perez at 336-8912 and let him know you vote, and you oppose these bills. Our new state senator, Ben Hueso, is also reliably anti-gun, and needs to hear from you as well xxx-xxxx. Here are the bills: AB-48 will outlaw the private transfer of ammunition (if you hand your pal at the range a box of bullets, and you are not a “licensed dealer”, you instantly become a criminal), AB-169 will outlaw the sale or transfer of all firearms not on the state’s “approved” list (many older firearms, although safe, are not on this list), and AB-500 will extend the current 10-day waiting period to buy a firearm to 17 days(!) and increase the requirements for locking & storing your personal firearm at your home.

There are a half-dozen other anti-second amendment  bills pending in the state legislature, but the above are the worst 3. Please call your representative and let them know your feelings on these bills!