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Christmas Shopping at Border Tactical

November 24th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

Gift-Giving (and gift-getting) Season is here! Border Tactical should be your first stop when thinking of gifts for the shooter. We have some great firearms, such as some pink revolvers for the ladies, and the popular Ruger LCR revolver. Anyone in Law Enforcement would appreciate getting the Ruger LCP pistol, and our .22 Walter has been flying off the shelves. This .22 semi-auto has a great feel, a 10-round mag, and the best thing is, with .22’s, you can shoot all day and and not go broke buying ammo.

Remember that California has strict laws about “straw purchases”, that is, purchasing a handgun for someone else. If you want to give a handgun as a gift, it must be registered to the person receiving the gift. The easiest way to accomplish this is to pay for the firearm, but let us make a nice gift certificate/announcement for you to present to the receiver on Christmas day. Then that person can come in and do the DROS in their own name and avoid any hassles or extra waiting periods.

If you already own a firearm that you want to give to someone else, we are able to do all the paperwork here at the range.