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California Legislature Goes Wild, Restricting Citizens’ Gun Rights

June 1st, 2013 Posted in Laws & Bills

We try to stay away from politics here, knowing that our members and customers have a variety of political views. This year’s state legislature, though, is enjoying an orgy of new laws, restricting and eliminating the firearm rights of Californians. Our Democrat legislators, Manuel Perez and Ben Hueso, lead the way in voting to take away your guns and your ammunition. With a Democrat super-majority in Sacramento, our elected representatives are making sure you end up this year with fewer and weaker gun rights than ever before. Some examples are AB 711, which will ban all lead ammunition in California for hunting any and all wildlife. This will eliminate dove hunting, since steel ammunition is listed as “armor-piercing” by the federal government, and hence is illegal to possess! V. Manuel Perez, our state assemblyman, voted in favor of this bill. This bill is a great way to “back-door” the ban of lead ammo in California. Another terrible bill is SB 47, which will ban all MSR (Modern Sporting Rifles, or AR-15 style rifles) rifles with a “Bullet Button” or any type of removable magazine! Another bill, SB 53, will require Californians to pay for an “Ammunition Purchaser’s Permit” every year, and the state to collect a record of every ammunition purchase made in the state. Even though this law would cost $28,000,000 to administer its first year, and have no effect on crime, every Democrat in the legislature who has voted on this bill has voted in favor of it!

If you want to keep your firearms, and want to be able to buy ammunition for these firearms, it is time to get involved, and let your legislators know how you feel about these, and even more, anti-gun laws up for vote in our state capitol.

Contact the office of V. Manuel Perez.

Contact the office of Ben Hueso.