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Tactical Techniques for the California-Compliant Carbine Class

September 17th, 2013 Posted in Classes

This is one of the most exciting and popular classes we offer here at the range!

shutterstock_120816034We’ll cover a number of topics including threat neutralization, shooting on the move, deploying the carbine from cover & concealment, transitionaing from the carbine to the sidearm, dynamic shooting positions, tactical and emergency reloads, dynamic entry, and more.

In California, legal carbine shooters are hampered by the bullet-button law. In this class, we’ll learn a number of methods to accomplish reloads quickly and legally with the bullet-button manipulation system. All students will be issued a special tool to be used during the class, and may keep the tool after the class is completed.

Students need a carbine with a sling! Any MSR or AR-15 style rifle chambered for .223, 5.56, 9mm, or .22 are acceptable, as are mini-14’s. Larger caliber rifles such as .308 are not allowed, and all rifles must have a bullet-button system or be chambered in .22! No magazines in excess of 10 rounds are permitted! Bring at least two 10-round magazines for your rifle. You also must bring a handgun with belt holster and spare magazines, and a stiff belt to support the holster. Wear long pants! Wear comfortable athletic shoes! You’ll be moving and shooting a lot. Knee pads are a good idea, but not required. Students must bring 200 rifle rounds and 150 handgun rounds. You should purchase the ammo several days before the class!

Tuition is $75 for this class. Border Tactical members pay $60 tuition, and Platinum Members receive FREE tuition.

Advance registration is required, this class will fill up fast. Call Bill at 554-2333 or email the instructor at for more information.