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Calif. Game Wardens, Sheriffs, AFL-CIO Urge Governor to
Veto AB 711

October 10th, 2013 Posted in Laws & Bills

Fish&GameThe California Fish and Game Wardens’ Association last week wrote Gov. Jerry Brown urging him to veto Assembly Bill 711, legislation that banned the use of traditional ammunition for hunting statewide. The CFGWA board voted unanimously to take this action, joining other law enforcement colleagues and state labor leaders in the call to have Gov. Brown veto the bill. Read the letter. The governor signed the legislation anyway, ensuring that hunting in California will begin a steady decline.

Also last week, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones added his department’s opposition to the growing list of law enforcement agencies opposed to AB 711 with a letter sent to Gov. Brown, saying, “This bill, if signed, would enact an undue burden on the entire hunting community, which includes many members of law enforcement.”

Governor Brown and the Democrat members of the legislature hate guns, they hate gun ownership, and they answer to the HSUS (Humane Society of the U.S.). The HSUS is NOT a humane society, it is a far-left organizing group that spends most of its resources on lobbying against hunting, against animal husbandry (farming), and against anything that contributes to the free exercise of individual rights. AB 711 was written by the HSUS, and introduced to the legislature by some of the most left-wing liberal anti-firearms rights assemblymen. The reason to ban lead ammo for hunting was supposedly to protect condors that feed off carcasses of killed game from getting lead poisoning. There has not been a single peer-reviewed scientific study that confirmed any lead poisoning in condors due to lead ammunition. However, when Democrats smell an opportunity to restrict gun rights, science is secondary to the zeal to disarm the citizenry. The majority of the legislature is so concerned about the health of the condor they delayed the implementation of the bill for 2 years, so they can all term out and switch jobs before hunters are hit with the effect of this stupid law. If condor health is in such peril, why the delay? That’s just one aspect of this bill that points to the real reason it was passed – to harass & intimidate gun owners. The bill has nothing to do with condor health, and everything to do with eventually banning hunting and the private ownership of firearms all together.