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Time Running Out to Purchase Firearms for Christmas

December 2nd, 2013 Posted in Ammo & Firearms

Female Hip Holster

California’s 10-day waiting period to pick up firearms after starting the process is strict. If you are considering purchasing a firearm for someone for Christmas, be sure to come in right away! The state also requires that all handgun transfers between individuals, such as a gift, be done through a licensed dealer. A better way to purchase a firearm for a gift is to come in and get a gift card for the purchase price of the gun (plus government-required fees), and give that as the gift. If you’d like, we can print out a photo of the firearm to enclose with the gift card. A perfect gift would be the gift card inside a brand-new holster, specifically fitted for that firearm!

Come on in to the range and lets get the process started in time for Christmas delivery!