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List of California-Legal Handguns Shrinking by the Day!

March 1st, 2014 Posted in News
Because of the actions of California’s Democrat Attorney General, many handguns which were previously legal to purchase are becoming illegal to purchase from gun stores like ours. Popular handguns like all Ruger pistols, including the great series of LCR, LCP, CA9, and the very popular M&P series of handguns by Smith & Wesson have all either been “decertified” for sale, or will be decertified in a few days or weeks. Click here for the most recent list of guns that were previously approved for sale, but now, with the signature of a pen, are no longer legal for sale in California. If you purchase one in a different state, you won’t be able to ship it legally to yourself in California, either. Guns by Taurus, Rossi, Walther, Colt, Sig, Charter Arms, and more are all on the newly decertified list.

If you are thinking of purchasing a handgun, you need to do it soon! We’re not sure exactly when, but by the end of the year, most of the popular handguns currently for sale will be illegal to sell in California.