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How To Give A Gun For A Christmas Present

December 11th, 2014 Posted in Ammo & Firearms
shutterstock_122164138Its not easy in California to give a firearm as a present, but its not impossible! We recommend you come in to the range, pick out the perfect gun for your present, and then let us tell you the total cost, gun plus government fees & taxes, and so forth. Then we can print a nice color photo of the firearm, and put it and the gift card for that exact amount, into a nice envelope for you to give. That way, the recipient can come in at their leisure and fill out all the paperwork, and get a firearm as a gift registered in their name. We can also help you pick out a few extras to go with the present, such as ammo, a holster, some targets, safety glasses & ear muffs, and you can wrap those up along with the gift card, for a great present!