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California Democrats Vote To Restrict Gun Rights

June 10th, 2016 Posted in Laws & Bills
HUESO_r900x493 imagesEduardo Garcia, our State Assemblyman, and Ben Hueso, our State Senator, both were rated as “F” by the California Firearms Policy Coalition. Did you vote for these Democrats in the last election? They hate the private ownership of firearms, and want to make it impossible for you to purchase or possess firearms in California. Assemblyman Garcia voted in favor of banning your possession of unassembled receivers, and banning rifles that have bullet buttons. Senator Ben Hueso voted in favor of new fees and taxes on ammo, to ban all magazines that ever were capable of more than 10 rounds, even if they were permanently altered, and creating a license system so you can’t buy ammo unless you have a “ammo buyer’s license” that requires all ammo purchases to be reported to the local police department, and more, even worse, gun laws.