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Popular First Shots Classes Coming Back

March 18th, 2010 Posted in Classes, Events

NSSF First Shots

First Shots is a 2-3 hour class for first-time shooters (or those who haven’t shot a handgun in many years) including classroom instruction, and range time. Each time we’ve offered this class, we sold out!
Saturday, April 17th, we’ll have two sessions. The 10 a.m. session is a women-only class, open to women of all ages, but girls under 21 need to bring an adult parent or guardian to the class. The afternoon session, starting at 1 p.m., is open to everyone, but anyone under 21 needs to bring an adult as well.
The registration fee is $20, and we are limited to 16 students per class. The range provides the firearms, ammo, eye & ear protection, instruction, and supervision on the firing line. This class is always fun, and fills up fast!