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Tactical Pistol Techniques

October 19th, 2010 Posted in Classes


We’re having an evening weekday class for Tactical Pistol Techniques here at the range Wednesday evening, November 3rd. The class starts at 5:30pm, and lasts till 8pm.

This class is great for the average shooter who wants to step beyond just sending rounds downrange from a fixed standing position. You’ll ;earn how to safely and effectively work from a concealment holster, perform a proper after-action drill. perform tactical reloads, clear malfunctions, and shoot on the move. The class is designed for intermediate shooters, but even experienced shooters who haven’t tried tactical shooting will enjoy this class. CCW holders will really benefit from the class.

All students need to bring their properly functioning handgun that they are familiar with, two or more magazines or speedloaders & pouches, at least 100 rounds of ammo. Make sure you have a properly fitting belt holster. If you need any of these items, just show your receipt for enrolling in the class at Phoenix Uniforms or Border Tactical and get 10% off the price of any of these items.

Cost is $40, members receive a 20% discount, Platinum members can attand for no charge. These classes fill up fast, call the range at 353-4884 to reserve your spot today!