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Ruger 10-22 Talo on Sale

November 2nd, 2010 Posted in Ammo & Firearms


Talo, Inc. is built a surprising gun: a Ruger 1022 with a French walnut stock.

According to the company, the Ruger Classic II French Walnut 1022 was the result of “a very nice deal on a limited amount of some French Walnut for a good looking variation on the 1022.”The company said, “We have wood for about 1000 rifles. Maybe a few more. They are a very good buy.”Rumor has it that two firearms CEOs have already bought one for themselves, along with a prominent Ruger employee.The company said, “Let’s face it, they don’t need another gun. When they buy a TALO edition, we take it as the ultimate compliment.”

The Ruger Talo has an unusual straight stock with special scroll type checkering pattern, including the Ruger Phoenix on the forearm. The Classic II has a
similar straight stock with a European style checkering pattern.

The range has just one of these $399 rifles in stock. Because of the limited amount of French Walnut wood available for the stock, these were allocated to dealers in limited amounts.  Border Tactical Members can get this rifle for $339, but you have to be the first buyer since we have just one in stock. One week after this email goes out, we’ll advertise the rifle to the general public.