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AB962 California Ammo Ban

December 29th, 2010 Posted in Ammo & Firearms

Although our two local state legislators voted against it, the Democrat majority in Sacramento passed AB962 last year. Beginning February 1, 2011, residents of California will have to show a drivers license or other photo-ID to purchase handgun ammo. Also, we’ll have to record your personal info and thumbprint when you buy ammunition, and save this for 5 years. Please don’t get mad at us when you come in to the range to buy ammo, its not our stupid rules, its the state’s!

This is likely to be a mess, because, as of the writing of this newsletter, we haven’t been provided with regulations by the California State Department of Justice, on just what constitutes “handgun” ammunition. For example, .22 caliber bullets are used most often for shooting tin cans with a rifle, but many handguns use .22 as well. So is .22 “handgun” ammo? We also don’t have any state forms yet, so we’ll just see what happens on February 1st. If you want to avoid the whole hassle, just buy a lot of ammo right now, before February 1st. Hopefully in a year or two the law might be overturned or modified to make more sense.

One sad side effect of this law is the loss of many youth shooting programs, such as Jr. ROTC, 4-H, and Boy Scout shooting programs. Many junior shooting sports programs will be eliminated because they rely heavily on purchase of surplus ammunition, at a reduced cost, through the Civilian Marksmanship Program via internet and mail order. Also, many ammo purchasers will drive out of state to buy ammo, reducing California’s sales tax revenue. It is already illegal for felons to purchase handgun ammo, this new law will just bog down the police with useless information, without solving any crime. Here at the range, even though we will have to record the purchaser’s name and address, there is no way for us to cross-reference that to any government database of prohibited purchasers, so its a completely useless and counter-productive law.