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LCP for California!

January 28th, 2011 Posted in Ammo & Firearms

Lots of you have admired the Ruger LCP pistol displayed at the range, but couldn’t purchase it because of California restrictions. The LCP has been the single best-selling pistol in the US for about the last 7 months! Finally, we have a model for California!

Our staff recently attended an industry show where the Ruger LC-9 was introduced for the California market. This will be a huge seller, and we anticipate a few-week wait for our supply. However, you can pre-order one of these right now, and be among the first to get yours.

Not only is the LC9 a great little pistol, but Crimson Trace already makes a laser sight for it. The LC9 retails for $443, and the laser sight for $160.00. Border Tactical members can order the combo for $549, for over $50 in savings! If you’re a member and want just the pistol, you can save $25 with the attached coupon. (Platinum members – get $100 off the package price).