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Concealed Carry Undershirts

September 1st, 2011 Posted in Products

These cool undershirts are great for concealed carry, for CCW holders or Arizona residents. The underarm pocket securely stores a mid- or small-sized handgun, the opposite side carries a magazine, cuffs, or speedloader. In fact, these shirts are great for travel if you want to securely carry your passport, cash, wallet, or other personal effects securely where a pickpocket just can’t get to it. Going to a boring meeting? This shirt stows an iPod or cell phone, too! The outer mesh layer prevents any profile of the contents showing through the outer shirt, the shoulder yoke prevents the carry pocket from sagging. These are in stock in black and white, V-neck or crew neck. Normally $59.99 each, just print this newsletter and bring it in and get $10 off the price of a holster-T during September 2011!