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Free “Zombie Shooter” T-shirt at the Range

October 5th, 2011 Posted in Prizes

For Halloween, we have some really cool “I shot a Zombie at Border Tactical” T-shirts. All you have to do to get a T-shirt is (if you are a Border Tactical member) buy a Zombie Target & a box of ammo, shoot the Zombie, and get the free T-shirt! If you are not a member, you can get a free T-Shirt just by joining! Or, you can buy a box of ammo & a Zombie target, rent a lane, rent one of our firearms, and shoot the zombie. You’ll get to try out a different gun than you usually shoot, and get a T-shirt too!

Any purchaser of a firearm this month who shoots just one round at a Zombie target can get a free Zombie T-shirt, and Platinum members get one just for asking!

This can be fun for the month of Halloween. While you’re here, check out Halloween City next door to the range for all your costume, party, and Trick-or-Treat needs. We only have 100 Zombie T-Shirts, so come in early and get yours!