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Long Gun Registration Begins in California

December 2nd, 2011 Posted in News

Be ready for Long Gun registration, starting January 1st! Until now, when you purchased a rifle of shotgun, the state did not keep a record of your purchase after you passed the background check. However, the Democrat-led state legislature passed a new law beginning this January 1st, where the state will now keep a permanent record of the serial numbers of the long guns you buy, just like the handguns have had for the past several years. If you want another long gun, but don’t want the state to know about it, you have to purchase the gun before December 16th (to allow for the waiting period)! If you’ve been on the fence about this, now’s the time to buy and still be able to maintain your privacy! (Of course, our local legislators, V. Manuel Perez and Juan Vargas, voted in favor of this new law. Merry Christmas).

Another new law starting January 1st allows the state to raid the fund established for DROS fees (the fee you pay to register your gun with the state), and use that fund for general state expenses. This means the fee to register a gun in California will get more and more expensive every year, so purchase your firearms sooner, rather than later. This long gun registration program is the exact duplicate of the Canada long gun registration, that after ten years and two billion dollars, never solved a single crime. Canada finally scrapped that program earlier this year.