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Glock Shooting Sports Foundation Tournament

April 1st, 2012 Posted in Events

Our range is hosting a GSSF (Glock Shooting Sports Foundation) tournament this month. This is a great tournament, and easy to enter!

Here’s how it works – just shoot at least two out of the three courses of fire, and we combine your scores from your two best shoots. You can shoot all 3 sessions, we combine the two best scores and drop the lowest score. Or, you can just shoot two sessions on the same day and go with that combined score. One shooter from this tournament will win a new Glock pistol. You’re not competing against a huge bunch of entrants, just those shooters from Border Tactical Indoor Range right here in El Centro.

You need to be a member of the GSSF, but its easy and inexpensive to join. You can sign up the day of your first shoot, or just click here. You could win the new pistol! The new Glock is not awarded to the high point scorer, but is given away to the lucky winner of a random drawing of all participants! Even beginners can win the grand prize.

The match dates are Saturday April 21st (two sessions) and Sunday April 22nd (one session). You’ll need to shoot at least two sessions, you can come to the range any time between 9 am till noon for session 1, and 1pm till 6pm for session 2 on Saturday. If you want to shoot a 3rd session (or finish your 2nd session), you can come in Sunday between noon and 4pm. Many prizes are awarded by random drawing from among the tournament participants, so you don’t need to be the best shot to win the pistol. Best scores, however, are recorded by GSSF and posted on the GSSF website. Plaques are awarded to high score shooters.

Call Kris at the range 353-4884 for more info or to sign up.