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Get Your Zombie T-Shirt – FREE !

October 5th, 2012 Posted in Products

Those popular “I shot Zombies at Border Tactical” T-shirts are back. Last year we ran out before Halloween, this year we’ll likely do the same.. All you have to do to get a T-shirt is (if you are a Border Tactical member) is buy a Zombie Target, shoot the Zombie, and get the free T-shirt! If you are not a member, you can get a free T-Shirt just by joining! Or, non-members can buy a box of ammo & a Zombie target, rent a lane, rent one of our firearms, and shoot the zombie. You’ll get to try out a different gun than you usually shoot, and get a free T-shirt too!

Any purchaser of a firearm this month who shoots just one round at a Zombie target can get a free Zombie T-shirt, and Platinum members get one just for asking!

This will be fun for the month of Halloween. We only have 100 Zombie T-Shirts, so come in early and get yours!